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Petnjica, 31st July, 2017

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Montenegro in Slovenia, Mr Vojislav Kovač received an award for his enormous contribution in the field of diplomacy and the promotion of Montenegro.
This year, Montenegro hosted Expatriates Days. It was organised by the Office for Diaspora Affairs and Petnjica Municipality in the context of traditional Diaspora Days in Petnjica with the aim of promoting and strenthening the ties and the collaboration of Montenegro with expatriate communities worldwide. At the ceremony the most remarkable expatriates from the USA, Slovenia, Belgium, Turkey as well as the Montenegrin expatriate communities from Luxemburg and Serbia received honorary awards for their outstanding contribution.

The Honorary Consul Mr Vojislav Kovač, who has lived and worked for almost three decades in Ljubljana and who was in the year 2011 appointed by the government of Montenegro as Honorary Consul of Montenegro in the Republic of Slovenia, received an award for his intensive commitment in the field of diplomacy and for his promotion of Montenegro.

The reasons given for the award Mr Vojislav Kovač received from the Prime Minister of Montenegro Mr Duško Marković were besides his outstanding impact and the reputation he has built up in the diplomatic circles also his active participation in all forms of cooperation between Slovenia and Montenegro and the development of bilateral economic, political, commerce and cultural cooperation. As mentioned, Mr Vojislav Kovač is a person of high integrity, a distinguished and renowned businessman who has been continuously promoting and representing Montenegro in the most noble manner.